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Claes Karlsson

Title: Librarian School/office: University Library


Phone: +46 19 303756

Room: U2124

Claes Karlsson

About Claes Karlsson

Claes Karlsson is a librarian at Örebro University Library's division of Library acquisitions and scholarly publishing.

Electronic resources

Claes' main area of responsibility is within electronic resources, including:

  • Managing contracts for, and providing access to, databases, e-books and electronic journals.
  • Maintenance and error handling of electronic resources.
  • System administration of the library services platform Alma.
  • Analyzing usage and evaluating electronic resources.

Publishing support

Claes is also part of the University Library's publishing support team. In that role, he is responsible for:

  • Managing agreements with publishers to facilitate open access publishing for researchers at the University, and providing information on those contracts internally and externally.
  • Compiling and reporting the University's costs for open access publishing on an annual basis.
  • Analyzing, together with colleagues in the support team, publications by the University's authors, with the goal to further stimulate open access publishing.

Other duties

He is part of several working groups within the Library, covering systems related issues, the library services platform Alma, and electronic resources in general.

He works at the Main Library's help desk and answers questions via the University Library’s chat.