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Clover Giles

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Behavioural, Social and Legal Sciences

Email: Y2xvdmVyLmdpbGVzO29ydS5zZQ==

Phone: +46 19 301466

Room: L2631

Clover Giles
Research subject

About Clover Giles

Clover Jack Giles moved to Sweden from Great Britain in 2008 and began their education in Scandinavian studies at Mälardalen University. After a year working with international affairs at Mälardalens Student Union they took courses in psychology at Umeå University, and then the Psychologist program at Örebro University.

CJ is now a graduate of the Psychologist program (2019) and currently a doctoral student. Their research focuses on acculturation, psychosocial adaptation, and wellbeing among newly arrived immigrant and refugee youth in Sweden.


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