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Erik Löfmarck

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301029

Room: F3257

Erik Löfmarck

About Erik Löfmarck

I am an associate professor in sociology and head of the division containging gender studies and sociology. My research is broadly concerned with the social aspects of risk, knowledge and the environment. My PhD-thesis Den hand som föder dig: en studie av risk, mat och moderskap i Sverige och Polen (Uppsala University, 2014) is a study of how mothers of young children in Stockholm and Warsaw perceive and manage risk concerning food. As postdoctoral fellow I studied the role of knowledge within environmental governance, particularly in the workings of IPBES and IPCC. I have also looked at uncertainty as a problem of governance within the Swedish forest sector. Currently I am exploring the role and status of traditional knowledge. I am also engaged in a project at SLU on supplementary feeding practices in Swedish game management, as such practices carry with them potential risks for both wildlife, forestry and humans. 

As a teacher my main interest is in qualitative methods and the art of problematizing. In my spare time I do a bit of stand up comedy and music.


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Articles in journals

Lidskog, R. , Berg, M. , Gustafsson, K. M. & Löfmarck, E. (2020). Cold Science Meets Hot Weather: Environmental Threats, Emotional Messages and Scientific Storytelling. Media and Communication, 8 (1), 118-128.
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Gustafsson, K. M. , Berg, M. , Lidskog, R. & Löfmarck, E. (2019). Intersectional boundary work in socializing new experts: The case of IPBES. Ecosystems and people, 15 (1), 181-191.
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Löfmarck, E. & Lidskog, R. (2017). Bumping against the boundary: IPBES and the knowledge divide. Environmental Science and Policy, 69, 22-28.
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Chapters in books

Lidskog, R. & Löfmarck, E. (2021). Att korsbefrukta kunskap. In: Håkan Tunón; Klas Sandell, Biologisk mångfald, naturnyttor och ekosystemtjänster: Svenska perspektiv på livsviktiga framtidsfrågor (pp. 92-93). Uppsala: SLU - Centrum för biologisk mångfald.
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Jacobsson, K. & Löfmarck, E. (2010). Ministerskandalen hösten 2006 i moralsociologisk belysning. In: Jacobsson, Kerstin, Känslan för det allmänna: medborgarnas relation till staten och varandra (pp. 267-294). Umeå: Boréa Bokförlag.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Löfmarck, E. (2014). Den hand som föder dig: en studie av risk, mat och moderskap i Sverige och Polen. (Doctoral dissertation). Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.


Gustafsson, K. M. , Löfmarck, E. , Salmonsson, L. & Uggla, Y. (2019). Skrivutveckling i stora studentgrupper: Erfarenheter från ett pedagogiskt utvecklingsprojekt. Örebro: Örebro University (Arbetsrapporter från Högskolepedagogiskt centrum 1).