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Erik Löfmarck

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 301029

Room: N2006

Erik Löfmarck

About Erik Löfmarck

I am an associate professor in sociology and head of Örebro University School of Business. My research is broadly concerned with the social aspects of risk, knowledge and the environment. My PhD-thesis Den hand som föder dig: en studie av risk, mat och moderskap i Sverige och Polen (Uppsala University, 2014) is a study of how mothers of young children in Stockholm and Warsaw perceive and manage risk concerning food. As postdoctoral fellow I studied the role of knowledge within environmental governance, particularly in the workings of IPBES and IPCC. I have also looked at uncertainty as a problem of governance within the Swedish forest sector. Currently I am exploring the role and status of traditional knowledge. I am also engaged in a project at SLU on supplementary feeding practices in Swedish game management, as such practices carry with them potential risks for both wildlife, forestry and humans. 

As a teacher my main interest is in qualitative methods and the art of problematizing. In my spare time I do a bit of stand up comedy and music.


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Articles in journals

Lidskog, R. , Berg, M. , Gustafsson, K. M. & Löfmarck, E. (2020). Cold Science Meets Hot Weather: Environmental Threats, Emotional Messages and Scientific Storytelling. Media and Communication, 8 (1), 118-128.
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Gustafsson, K. M. , Berg, M. , Lidskog, R. & Löfmarck, E. (2019). Intersectional boundary work in socializing new experts: The case of IPBES. Ecosystems and people, 15 (1), 181-191.
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Löfmarck, E. & Lidskog, R. (2017). Bumping against the boundary: IPBES and the knowledge divide. Environmental Science and Policy, 69, 22-28.
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Chapters in books

Lidskog, R. & Löfmarck, E. (2021). Att korsbefrukta kunskap. In: Håkan Tunón; Klas Sandell, Biologisk mångfald, naturnyttor och ekosystemtjänster: Svenska perspektiv på livsviktiga framtidsfrågor (pp. 92-93). Uppsala: SLU - Centrum för biologisk mångfald.
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Jacobsson, K. & Löfmarck, E. (2010). Ministerskandalen hösten 2006 i moralsociologisk belysning. In: Jacobsson, Kerstin, Känslan för det allmänna: medborgarnas relation till staten och varandra (pp. 267-294). Umeå: Boréa Bokförlag.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Löfmarck, E. (2014). Den hand som föder dig: en studie av risk, mat och moderskap i Sverige och Polen. (Doctoral dissertation). Uppsala: Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis.


Gustafsson, K. M. , Löfmarck, E. , Salmonsson, L. & Uggla, Y. (2019). Skrivutveckling i stora studentgrupper: Erfarenheter från ett pedagogiskt utvecklingsprojekt. Örebro: Örebro University (Arbetsrapporter från Högskolepedagogiskt centrum 1).