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Fanny Kuhlin

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Health Sciences

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Room: G2140

Fanny Kuhlin
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About Fanny Kuhlin

About Fanny Kuhlin
Fanny Kuhlin is a doctoral student in sports science, with a specialization in sport management at Örebro University since November 2021. She holds a Bachelor of Sport coaching and a MA in Sports Science from the University of Gothenburg.

Fanny Kuhlin’s research aims at creating safe sports for children and young adults by understanding abuse, how it is normalized in sport organizations’ contexts, and the long-time consequences abuse have on athletes. Fanny specializes in artistic sport and takes a narrative lens to understand and prevent abuse.
For her master thesis, Fanny wrote an auto-ethnography titled “Long-term impact of the coach-athlete relationship on development, health, and wellbeing: stories from a figure skater” which was published in Sports Coaching Review in 2020.

Fanny Kuhlin teaches in sociology and pedagogy of sport, mainly in Örebro University’s sport management and sport coaching education programs.
Networks and collaborations
Member of the research group Reshape, Örebro University.