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Sport Science


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Fawzi Kadi

Sport Science at Örebro University is an interdisciplinary subject and is defined as the study of physical activity undertaken with the goal of promoting physical and mental health, recreation, competition, performance, and aesthetic experience. The research in sports science is conducted within two areas: Physiology/medicine and Social sciences/education.

In the social and educational orientation, research is, for example, carried out in sports didactics, sports psychology, sports management, health-promoting sports, and sports history. Our research often focuses on the school subject physical education and health, organized sports, exercise and recreational sports, and “friluftsliv” (outdoor education). Examples of processes that are studied are leadership, management, governance, teaching, learning, assessment, socialisation, within various sports and movement cultures. Sports are also studied from different perspectives on the body, movement and health. Research is often conducted together with researchers in other disciplines and at other universities. This collaboration makes it possible for doctoral students to participate in research schools such as the research school in Educational Science with a focus on didactics and the research school Sustainable Movement Education.

Sports physiology and medicine at Örebro University includes both basic and applied research that focuses on knowledge about the adaptation of the human body to both inactivity and different types of physical activities. Research highlights neuromuscular, hormonal, immunological, cardiovascular as well as metabolic adaptations that occur in response to different types of exercises, as well as the impact of physical activity habits on health and ageing trajectories. Research in sports physiology and medicine has an important impact on sport performance as well as the development of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation measures based on physical exercise for the promotion of healthy aging.