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Helen Peterson

Position: Professor School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences

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Helen Peterson
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About Helen Peterson

Helen Peterson has a doctorate in sociology from Uppsala University, Sweden, where she graduated in 2005 on a dissertation on gender relations in the IT consultant business. Since then she has worked as a Postdoctoral Fellow in technology and social change (at Linköping University, Sweden) and as a Senior Lecturer in Work Science (at Gothenburg University, Sweden). Since 2020 she is a Professor in Sociology at Örebro University.

In her research, Helen, focuses on sociology of gendered organizations, and adopts a gender perspective on organizational change, institutional resistance to change, career paths, leadership and management issues, policy implementation, and micro-politics, primarily in Higher Education Institutions. She has been involved in several both national and international projects investigating career paths of women managers in higher education, particularly in the position of Vice-Chancellor/President; recruitment of academic leaders; gender mainstreaming and organizational change in higher education; women-exclusive leadership programs in academia; and gender in the research funding process. She has acted in various expert roles in Sweden and in international projects and initiatives on gender equality in higher education and on higher education policy. Since 2010, she is a member of the international network WHEM - Women in Higher Education Management.

Helen has also investigated the intersection of work and family/private life and studied the impact of increased flexibility at work on negotiations in the family regarding division of labour and care responsibilities.

In her research on voluntary childlessness she has explored motherhood norms and heteronormativity in society; pronatalism and stigmatization; the paths to childlessness; and the impact of the social, economic, and cultural context on experiences of childlessness.

At Örebro University she is the co-ordinator of the research theme Work, Family, and Intimate Relations.

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