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Holger Schellwat

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303311

Room: T2115

Holger Schellwat

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Articles in journals

Schellwat, H. (2001). A simple slide rule for finite fields. The American mathematical monthly, 108 (4), 358-360.
Wide, P. & Schellwat, H. (1997). Implementation of a Genetic Algorithm for Routing an Autonomous Robot. Robotica (Cambridge. Print), 15 (2), 207-211.
Schellwat, H. (1995). Induced Cayley graphs and double covers. Linear and multilinear algebra, 39 (1-2), 161-164.

Chapters in books

Schellwat, H. (2016). Mutual benefits from combining ethnomusicology with ethnomathematics. In: Antenor Ferreira Corrêa, Music in an intercultural perspective (pp. 119-122). Brasília: Strong Edições.
Schellwat, H. (1993). Highly expanding graphs obtained from dihedral groups. In: Joel Friedman, Expanding graphs: proceedings of a DIMACS workshop, May 11-14, 1992 (pp. 117-124). Providence, RI: American Mathematical Society (AMS).

Conference papers

Bierbrauer, J. & Schellwat, H. (2001). Weakly biased arrays, almost independent arrays and error-correcting codes. In: Alexander Barg, Simon Litsyn, Codes and association schemes. Paper presented at DIMACS Workshop Codes and Association Schemes, November 9-12, 1999, DIMACS Center (pp. 33-46). Providence, R.I.: American Mathematical Society.
Bierbrauer, J. & Schellwat, H. (2000). Almost independent and weakly biased arrays: efficient constructions and cryptologic applications. In: Mihir Bellare, Advances in cryptology CRYPTO 2000. Paper presented at 20th Annual International Cryptology Conference Santa Barbara, California, USA, August 20–24, 2000 (pp. 533-543). Springer Berlin/Heidelberg.