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Johanna Björklund

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303976, +46 706 796688

Room: B4106

Johanna Björklund
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About Johanna Björklund


The research focus for Johanna Björklund is multidisciplinary with the aim of contributing to knowledge for sustainable transformation of the food system. She has worked at both ends of the food system, in participatory research and development projects for sustainable food production, and as researcher performing on-going evaluations projects on sustainable meals in public restaurants.

The participatory research and development projects she has worked in has had their focuses on sustainable climate friendly food production, biodiversity at farm level, organic ley seed and organic tomato production and the development of Swedish agroforestry. Other research projects she participated in relates to local distribution networks as a driving force for increased sustainability in agriculture, as well as evaluation of sustainable agriculture based on local ecosystem services in different parts of the world.


Johanna Björklund has the program responsible for the Culinary Art and Ecology Program, run by the School of Science and Technology in collaboration with the School of Hospitality, Culinary Art and Meal Science and she teaches courses in food, environment and sustainability. She is also involved in natural science education for teachers.

Cooperations and assignments

As a member of the Social Impact Lab at the University, Johanna Björklund have had the opportunity to further develop an idea of ​​using the school lunch in learning for sustainable development. Together with pilot schools, she develop a model for action-oriented and reflective learning based on the school meal that can be adapted and used regionally and nationally. This concerns school development and a change in the school's inner way of working. The research is a part of the research project "The School Meal in Educational Activities" within the university's focus area "Food and Health".

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Articles in journals

Öhlund, E. , Hammer, M. & Björklund, J. (2017). Managing conflicting goals in pig farming: farmers’ strategies and perspectives on sustainable pig farming in Sweden. International Journal of Agricultural Sustainability, 15 (6), 693-707.
Belfrage, K. , Björklund, J. & Salomonsson, L. (2015). Effects of farm size and on-farm landscape heterogeneity on biodiversity-case study of twelve farms in a swedish landscape. Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems, 39 (2), 170-188.
Ahnström, J. , Bengtsson, J. , Berg, Å. , Hallgren, L. , Boonstra, W. J. & Björklund, J. (2013). Farmers' Interest in Nature and Its Relation to Biodiversity in Arable Fields. International Journal of Ecology.
Björklund, J. , Araya, H. , Edwards, S. , Goncalves, A. , Höök, K. , Lundberg, J. & Medina, C. (2012). Ecosystem-based agriculture combining production and conservation: a viable way to feed the world in the long term?. Journal of Sustainable Agriculture, 36 (7), 824-855.

Chapters in books

Björklund, J. & Johansson, B. (2012). Assessing multifunctionality in relation to resource use: a holistic approach to measure efficiency, developed by participatory research. In: Marta-Costa, A. A. & Soares da Silva, E. L. D. G, Methods and procedures for building sustainable farming systems (pp. 161-173). Dordrecht: Springer Netherlands.

Conference papers

Björklund, J. , Eksvärd, K. & Schaffer, C. (2014). Assessing ecosystem services in perennial intercropping systems: participatory action research in Swedish modern agrofores. In: Schobert, H., Riecher, M.-C., Fischer, H. Aenis, T. & Knierim, Farming systems facing global challenges Capacities and strategies. Paper presented at The 11th European IFSA Group Symposium, 1-4 April 2014, Berlin, Germany (pp. 112-113). IFSA Europe, Leibniz-Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.


Frödén, S. & Björklund, J. (2021). Schemalagd skollunch - en lösning på stressfyllda skolmåltidssituationer? Slutrapport för projektet Väl godkänt för skolmåltiden. Göteborg: Skolmatsakademin Research institute of Sweden.
Eksvärd, K. , Björklund, J. , Danielsson, M. , Eksvärd, J. , Hansdotter, E. , Holmdahl, J. , Jansson, A. , Kjellberg, O. & et al. (2016). Mångfunktionella, lokala odlingssystem: Etablering av modern agroforestry i Sverige 2012-2016. Örebro: Örebro University.