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Karin Blad

Title: Lecturer School/office: School of Law, Psychology and Social Work


Phone: +46 19 303613

Room: L2415

Research subject

About Karin Blad

My research is focused on the legal mobility of companies within the European Union and the regulatory framework for companies already in, or in the vicinity of, insolvency.

Supervisor: Professor Annina H Persson.


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Chapters in books

Blad, K. (2020). Aktiebolags fri- och rättigheter. In: Jan Andersson, Karin Blad, Clara Ehn, Jessica Östberg, Vänbok till Anders Lagerstedt: Studier i associationsrätt och förmögenhetsrätt (pp. 31-38). Stockholm: Jure.
Blad, K. , Kristoffersson, E. & Olsson, S. (2018). Sweden. In: Edoardo Traversa, Corporate Tax Residence and Mobility (pp. 573-590). Amsterdam, Netherlands: International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD).

Conference papers

Blad, K. (2013). Prohibition on loans in Swedish Company law: Minority protection issues. In: Katarzyna Dunaj, Marta Stepnowska, Legal Security. Paper presented at Legal Security, Warszawa, April 2013 (pp. 230-242). Warszawa: Dom Wydawniczy ELIPSA.