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Lisa Broberg

Position: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences


Phone: +46 19 302234

Room: F3264

Lisa Broberg

About Lisa Broberg

Lisa is a doctoral student in Sociology at School of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences where she is a part of the research team Environmental Sociology.

Lisa completed her BA degree in International Relations at Malmö University in 2018. Two years later, she finished her MSc in Global Studies at Lund University.

In earlier work, Lisa’s research interest has focused on gender in the global labour market, coloniality and global governance and issues related to representation and power in knowledge production.

She started her doctoral studies at Örebro University in August 2023. In her PhD thesis she is interested to explore knowledge production of climate change with a particular focus on discourses of overpopulation from a feminist and decolonial perspective.