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Lotte Wellton

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science


Phone: +46 19 302033

Room: K1116

Lotte Wellton

About Lotte Wellton

Lotte Wellton is a senior lecturer at the School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts & Meal Science, Campus Grythyttan and has a Phd in Culinary arts and Meal Science. She also has a long practical experience of work and entrepreneurship in the hospitality industry. 

Overall research agenda

Research with a sociological perspective on de professional producers of meals, the meal-makers in the restaurant industry, that as yet have been little investigated.
Research on how food becomes a meal experience
Research on how professionalism is conceived and enacted in the restaurant industry
Focus is on daily practices in kitchens and dining rooms: work methods and routines, that contain knowledge transfer, work organization and leadership.
Work conditions and social sustainability in the restaurant industry.
Qualitative methods with an insider perspective.

Lottes´ current research is an examination of the daily work of young hospitality leaders (chefs, maitre d´s, food and beverage managers etc.) to contribute to new strategies regarding knowledge transfer and motivation in order to deviate from the industry's focus on normativity and fostering in daily leadership. The research is focused on understanding the young workers´ process of going from "novice to expert" to become a leader, by interpreting the relationship between organizational structures, time use, the physical and psychosocial work environment using practice theoretical perspectives.

 Lotte is part of a new research group at SHCAMS: "Sustainable working life in the hospitality industry" and is faculty financed for a project on Young leadership in the restaurant industry

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