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Luis Morales

Position: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 301033

Room: B2304

Luis Morales
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About Luis Morales

Luis O Morales is an Associate Senior Lecturer at Örebro University, School of Science and Technology. He defended his PhD thesis in Plant Biology “Molecular Responses of Plants to Solar UV-B and UV-A radiation” at the University of Helsinki in 2014. Luis has also completed postdoctoral trainings at the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki and at the Department of Horticultural Science, North Carolina State University before joining Örebro University in January 2019.


In his research, Luis combines genomics, physiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and statistics to unravel molecular and physiological mechanisms mediating light perception and signaling in plants. Light is not only a source of energy for photosynthesis but also a key environmental factor that regulates several physiological processes in plants including growth, development, defense against pathogen and insect attacks, and acclimation to the environment. Different wavelengths of light are perceived through specific plant protein photoreceptors. Of these photoreceptors, UVR8 and cryptochromes perceive ultraviolet (UV) radiation and blue light, respectively. His goal is to understand the molecular basis of plant acclimation to UV and blue light mediated by UVR8 and cryptochromes, and seek applications of this knowledge to improve crop production and quality.


Luis has been previously teaching Plant Physiology, Analysis of Gene expression in Plants and also giving lectures in Plant Photobiology. At Örebro University, Luis will be teaching Analytical Biochemistry.

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