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Magnus Karlsson Good

Position: Doctoral Student, Project Coordinator School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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About Magnus Karlsson Good

Magnus Karlsson-Good is a clinical psychologist and doctoral student at the School of medical sciences. Clinically he works with internet-based CBT (iCBT) for adults with depression and anxiety disorders in Region Örebro county.

His research focuses on improving iCBT by examining how best to design the treatment material. iCBT is a text-based treatment which means that demands are put on the patients with regards to reading and understanding the treatment material. Therefore, his research will examine if it is possible to condense the treatment matierial without loosing the treatment effect.

Furthermore, his research will focus on if patients with lower reading abilities and more symptoms of ADHD are at a disadvantage with a longer treatment material. He is also interested in predicting which patients are favored by a short or long treatment material.