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Mais A.M. Qandeel

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Law, Psychology and Social Work


Phone: +46 19 303719

Room: L2324

Research subject


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Articles in journals

Qandeel, M. & Progin-Theuerkauf, S. (2021). Legal Implications of Dismantling UNRWA: A European Perspective. Journal of Politics and Law, 14 (3), 84-102.
Hargrove, A. , Qandeel, M. & Sommer, J. M. (2019). Global governance for climate justice: A cross-national analysis of CO2 emissions. Global Transitions, 1, 190-199.

Articles, book reviews


Qandeel, M. (2018). Enforcing Human Rights of Palestinians in the Occupied Territory (1ed.). Berlin, Bern, Germany: Carl Grossmann Verlag (sui generis 4).

Collections (editor)

Qandeel, M. (ed.) (2021). The Pre-emption Right in Palestine: A Comparative Study of Land Laws. Jordan / Palestine: Jordan Publishing Limited.