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Marie Öhman

Title: Professor School/office: School of Health Sciences


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Room: G2122

Marie Öhman

About Marie Öhman

Marie Öhman, PhD in Sociology, is a professor in Physical Education and Health who has taught teacher education for over 25 years at various levels in the education system. She defended her dissertation "Body and power in motion" in sociology in 2007. The dissertation treated the subject of the relationship between body, individual and society. Inspired by Michel Foucault's work on power and control, Öhman has contributed research concerning the bodily dimension in sporting contexts, not least the body's pedagogical significance and its didactic meanings in the Swedish school subject sport and health's teaching practice.


One of Öhman's projects “Don’t touch! "Pedagogical consequences of the 'forbidden' body in Physical Education", which has been funded by the Swedish Research Council for Sport Science (CIF), has attracted attention both nationally and internationally. The background to the project is that abuse of children in schools and sports associations has created a concern about physical contact between children and adults in institutionalized activities. Öhman's research is about physical touch in the school subject sports and health’s teaching practice, where she examines whether and how physical education teachers' work is affected by the general debate about the risks of physical touch. The results show what happens to the teachers’ pedagogical work, the content of the subject and the students' development and learning about physical education if teachers no longer dare to touch the students when they teach. Here, the idea of what children’s rights means is challenged and Öhman asks the question of what society is created if touch is taboo and adults feel a fear of touching children. The results have been presented at several national and international conferences in Europe, Australia and the United States. Furthermore, Öhman's research is represented in a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) arranged by Birmingham University. This course has engaged 5,000 physical education teachers from 149 countries. Her research has generated a number of scientific articles, national and international anthologies and an international research project.

Another project by Öhman is the practice-based research project; "From feet to grades - understanding of movement for newly arrived girls' active participation and goal fulfilment in the school subject sports and health". The project assumes that school is increasingly characterized by religious and ethnic diversity, which places new demands on teachers and teacher educators. Sports and health have proven to be a subject where teachers are faced with many didactic challenges. The overall purpose is to investigate how teachers of sports and health handle intercultural encounters in their teaching.


  • Visiting professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, since autumn 2020.
  • Member of the Swedish Research Council's assessment group, 2016 - 2018.


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