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Marinette Grimbeek

Title: Writing Instructor School/office: University Library


Phone: +46 19 302483

Room: U1150

Marinette Grimbeek

About Marinette Grimbeek

Marinette Grimbeek has a PhD in English and is a writing instructor at the Academic Writing Centre at Örebro University Library. She offers support to students, doctoral students, and researchers regarding academic writing in English.


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Articles in journals

Grimbeek, M. (2018). Levande stenar. Aiolos: Tidskrift för litteratur, teori och estetik (62-63), 51-53.
Grimbeek, M. (2017). Förföriska tentakulära ekologier. Aiolos: Tidskrift för litteratur, teori och estetik (56), 101-104.

Articles, book reviews

Grimbeek, M. (2017). Imagining the Land. Canadian Literature (233), 148-149.

Conference papers

Grimbeek, M. (2018). Shower Power? Satire and the Zuma Presidency. Paper presented at Satire as Perspective on the Contemporary workshop, Karlstad, Sweden, October 17, 2018.
Grimbeek, M. (2018). The Struggle as Pop: Authenticity and Nostalgia in Post-Apartheid Music. Paper presented at Popular Music Discourses: Authenticity and Mediatization symposium, Karlstad, Sweden, November 13-14, 2018.
Grimbeek, M. (2017). Scientists’ Fictions and The Collapse of Western Civilization. Paper presented at Erotema: A Conference on Rhetoric and Literature, Karlstad University, Karlstad, Sweden, September 14-16, 2017.
Grimbeek, M. (2014). Forging hybrid identities in selected works by Margaret Atwood. Paper presented at Eighth Biennial Conference of the Swedish Association for American Studies, Örebro, Sweden, September 26-27, 2014.
Grimbeek, M. (2014). Framing by Unveiling: Apocalyptic Extrapolation and Hybridity in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy. In: Framing Nature Signs, Stories, and Ecologies of Meaning. Paper presented at Framing Nature: Signs, Stories, and Ecologies of Meaning - European Association for the Study of Literature, Culture, and the Environment Biennial Conference & Nordic Network for Interdisciplinary Environmental Studies IX Conference, Tartu, Estonia, April 29 - May 3, 2014.
Grimbeek, M. (2014). Human Pigs and Piggish Humans: Blurring the Boundaries in Margaret Atwood’s MaddAddam Trilogy. Paper presented at Gothic and Uncanny Explorations, Karlstad, Sweden, September 10-12, 2014.
Grimbeek, M. (2012). A Newspeak of Extinction: The Disintegration of Meaning in Margaret Atwood’s Oryx and Crake. Paper presented at Environmentalism, Spatiality, and the Public Sphere - NIES Research Symposium VII, Oslo, Norway, September 27-29, 2012.

Doctoral theses, monographs

Grimbeek, M. (2017). Margaret Atwood's Environmentalism: Apocalypse and Satire in the MaddAddam Trilogy. (Doctoral dissertation). Karlstad: Karlstads universitet.