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Mattias Dyrvik

Position: External Relations Officer School/office: Communication and Collaboration


Phone: +46 19 303802

Room: E2220

Mattias Dyrvik

About Mattias Dyrvik

Mattias Dyrvik works at Office for Communication and Collaboration. His role involves creating conditions for students and companies / organisations to meet, and connecting students with the surrounding society. It also includes operational responsibility for students’ idea development and entrepreneurship. In addition, Mattias Dyrvik is a workshop leader on the course Entrepreneurship - Idea Development and Business Development and supports students in developing ideas linked to current societal challenges.

Mattias Dyrvik has a degree in political science and has experience as a project coordinator, process manager and purchaser. He has previously worked with issues concerning regional development and has had a special focus on development projects and skills development.

Mattias Dyrvik is happy to discuss project ideas and how a project can be organised so that the results are sustainable in both the short and long term. If you are interested in collaborations or if you have thoughts about a project, he is ready to come up with new perspectives and perspectives to make the efforts as relevant and accurate as possible.

In addition to his degree in political science, Mattias Dyrvik is also a trained project and collaboration manager.