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Michiel van Nieuwenhoven

Position: Affiliated Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences

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Michiel van Nieuwenhoven
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About Michiel van Nieuwenhoven

Being both a medical biologist with a PhD with years of experience within the university, as well as a gastroenterologist/internist with broad clinical experience, Michiel van Nieuwenhoven wants to be a bridge between basic science and clinical practice. He is interested in health-related and scientific questions regarding diseases/disorders with a major impact on public health.

IBS is a very common functional gastrointestinal disorder, which is associated with a decreased quality of life and a high economic burden. The absence of an organic explanation for the IBS symptoms makes it difficult for the physician to make a diagnosis. Frequently, the diagnosis IBS is made after exclusion of all other possible diseases; a so-called negative diagnosis. This is associated with high and unnecessary cost and leads to frustration for both the doctor and the patient. IBS is a multifactorial disorder and for this reason, it is difficult to treat it effectively. There are three different treatment options: 1: pharmacological, 2: nutritional, 3: psychological.

The problem is that it is not know which treatment will work for which patient, and Michiel's research interest lies in unraveling this question.

At least as common as IBS is obesity. In the USA, 38% of the adults suffer from obesity. In the UK, it is 28% and in Sweden the number are a little lower. However, the numbers are increasing and within a short time, obesity will be the leading cause for liver cirrhosis. The economic burden, related to health issues associated with obesity, is enormous.

The most effective treatment is surgery. However, it is impossible to operate all patients with obesity and besides that; the majority of obesity patients are not interested in surgery. There is a strong need for alternative treatments and for this reason, Michiel's other area of interest comprises basic and clinical studies on bariatric endoscopy.



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