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Nicolas Winkler

Title: Doctoral Student School/office: School of Science and Technology


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Nicolas Winkler


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Conference papers

Winkler, N. P. , Neumann, P. P. , Kohlhoff, H. , Erdmann, J. , Schaffernicht, E. & Lilienthal, A. (2021). Development of a Low-Cost Sensing Node with Active Ventilation Fan for Air Pollution Monitoring. In: SMSI 2021 Proceedings. Paper presented at SMSI 2021 Conference: Sensor and Measurement Science International, (Digital conference), May 3-6, 2021 (pp. 260-261).
Winkler, N. P. , Neumann, P. P. , Schaffernicht, E. & Lilienthal, A. (2021). Using Redundancy in a Sensor Network to Compensate Sensor Failures. In: 2021 IEEE SENSORS. Paper presented at IEEE SENSORS 2021, (Virtual conference), October 31 - November 4, 2021.
Winkler, N. P. , Neumann, P. P. , Säämänen, A. , Schaffernicht, E. & Lilienthal, A. J. (2020). High-quality meets low-cost: Approaches for hybrid-mobility sensor networks. In: MATERIALS TODAY-PROCEEDINGS. Paper presented at 36th Danubia Adria Symposium on Advances in Experimental Mechanics, SEP 24-27, 2019, Pilsen, CZECH REPUBLIC (pp. 250-253). Elsevier.