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Per-Erik Olsson

Title: Professor School/office: School of Science and Technology


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Room: P2221

Per-Erik Olsson
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About Per-Erik Olsson

At Örebro University, Professor Per-Erik Olsson is working on the development of new sensitive biological methods for risk analysis. To improve the accuracy of risk analysis, work is underway to link computer-based machine learning methods to studies of toxicogenomic effects in the environment.

A research project led by Per-Erik Olsson "BioImpakt - an intelligent platform for automated risk analysis", which is supported by ORU Innovation, has been included in the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) top 100 list.

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The research project was ranked among the top 50 and Per-Erik Olsson is therefore included in the group that will present its research project during this year's Research2Business (R2B) Summit, which will hopefully be held in September 2020 in Stockholm

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Articles in journals

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Articles, reviews/surveys

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Chapters in books

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