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Per-Erik Olsson

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The research team led by Professor Per-Erik Olsson operates in Biology subject at the Center for Life Sciences at Örebro University.

The group works on various aspects of signal transduction, focusing on molecular endocrinology.

In our studies of sex determination we are interested in how immunological signals affect the development of testes and ovaries. Linked to this is the study of androgen receptors and how various ligands, including environmental pollutants, can affect the activity of receptors in various organisms. We study the androgen receptors from fish, poultry and humans and are also interested in how different mutations found in prostate cancer may affect the receptor's ligand specificity and activity.

Another area that we are interested in is how the tumor suppressor p53 affects the regulation of a protein, metallothionein, which can protect the cell against free radicals and thus prevent various forms of cancer treatment. The goal is to identify the mechanism of upregulation of metallothionein in order to thus be counterproductive because it protects tumor cells to treatment.

We are also interested in applying our methods to projects aimed at environmental analysis. We use molecular techniques to assess various environmental exposure scenarios, including complex exposures, to assess whether we are using these methods can determine the exposure levels that can be tolerated by different organisms, with sustained survival and reproduction. These projects are carried out in collaboration with industry and funded by the Knowledge Foundation.

Research funding bodies

  • Carl Trygger Foundation
  • Swedish Research Council
  • Örebro University