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Per Wretenberg

Position: Professor School/office: School of Medical Sciences

Email: cGVyLndyZXRlbmJlcmc7b3J1LnNl

Phone: +46 19 303532

Room: X1105

Per Wretenberg
Research subject

About Per Wretenberg

Per Wretenberg is head of the orthopedic research team at ORU and Department of Orthopedics Region Örebro County. He is supervisor of many PhD students in orthopedics. The orthopedic research area is broad from studies on cartilage repair to back surgery.

Per Wretenberg has been head of medical student’s education in orthopedics and neurology for 4 years and is still a member of the education group.

His own research is focused on biomechanics and hip and knee arthroplasty surgery. He has contributed to the construction of one of Sweden’s largest hip and knee arthroplasty center in Sweden located in Lindesberg where much of the research is performed. Per Wretenberg is head of a project that aims for better precision during arthroplasty surgery (navigation) and also a project that focuses on evaluation of implant function in the body. The research is done in close collaboration with the industry.

Per Wretenberg is very clinicaly active and performes both primary and advanced revision hip and knee arthroplasty surgery.


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