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Peter Rask

Title: Affiliated Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

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Articles in journals

Karefylakis, C. , Särnblad, S. , Ariander, A. , Ehlersson, G. , Rask, E. & Rask, P. (2018). Effect of Vitamin D supplementation on body composition and cardiorespiratory fitness in overweight men: a randomized controlled trial. Endocrine (Basingstoke), 61 (3), 388-397.
Lidén, M. , Wodecki, M. , Thunberg, P. & Rask, P. (2017). Impact of Heart Rate on Flow Measurements in Aortic Regurgitation. Journal of Heart Valve Disease, 26 (5), 502-508.
Thunberg, P. , Emilsson, K. , Rask, P. & Kähäri, A. (2012). Flow and peak velocity measurements in patients with aortic valve stenosis using phase contrast MR accelerated with k-t BLAST. European Journal of Radiology, 81 (9), 2203-2207.
Loiske, K. , Waldenborg, M. , Fröbert, O. , Rask, P. & Emilsson, K. (2011). Left and right ventricular systolic long-axis function and diastolic function in patients with takotsubo cardiomyopathy. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 31 (3), 203-208.
Ahmed, K. , Rask, P. & Hurtig-Wennlöf, A. (2011). Serum apolipoproteins, apoB/apoA-I ratio and objectively measured physical activity in elderly. Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, 45 (2), 105-111.
Hurtig-Wennlöf, A. , Ahlström, C. , Egerlid, R. , Resare, M. , Ask, P. & Rask, P. (2009). Heart sounds are altered by open cardiac surgery. Experimental and clinical cardiology, 14 (2), 18-20.
Ahlsson, A. , Linde, P. , Rask, P. & Englund, A. (2008). Atrial function after epicardial microwave ablation in patients with atrial fibrillation. Scandinavian Cardiovascular Journal, 42 (3), 192-201.
Thunberg, P. , Emilsson, K. , Rask, P. & Kähäri, A. (2008). Estimation of ejection fraction and stroke volume using single- and biplane magnetic resonance imaging of the left cardiac ventricle. Acta Radiologica, 49 (9), 1016-1023.
Thunberg, P. , Emilsson, K. , Rask, P. & Kähäri, A. (2008). Separating the left cardiac ventricle from the atrium in short axis MR images using the equation of the atrioventricular plane. Clinical Physiology and Functional Imaging, 28 (4), 222-228.

Conference papers

Karefylakis, C. , Ariander, A. , Rask, P. , Särnblad, S. & Rask, E. (2017). Effect of Vitamin D supplementation on body composition in overweight men: A randomized controlled trial. Paper presented at 19th European Congress of Endocrinology (ECE 2017), Lisbon, Portugal, May 20-23, 2017.

Doctoral theses, comprehensive summaries

Rask, P. (1995). Aortic stenosis: diagnostic use and hemodynamic effects of dipyridamole. (Doctoral dissertation). (Comprehensive summary) Umeå: Umeå universitet.