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Rosanne Reitsema

Title: Postdoctoral Researcher School/office: School of Medical Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303000

Room: C3119

Rosanne Reitsema
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About Rosanne Reitsema

Rosanne Reitsema is a postdoctoral researcher at the School of Medical Sciences, Örebro University, Sweden. Rosanne obtained her BSc degree in Biology and MSc degree in Biomedical Sciences at the University of Groningen, the Netherlands. She did her PhD in the Vasculitis Expertise Center at the University Medical Center in Groningen. In March 2022, Rosanne defended her PhD thesis with the title: “T cells in healthy ageing and age-associated vasculitides”.

The Knowledge Foundation awarded a two-year postdoc fellowship to Rosanne to study immune responses in atherosclerosis. She now studies the effects of blocking IL-17 and HMGB1 on immune responses in atherosclerosis patients, in close collaboration with Affibody and TATAA Biocenter.