All applications granted by Knowledge Foundation

In this year’s round, Örebro University had all five of its applications within the Swedish Knowledge Foundation’s programme for strategic recruitment approved; three associate senior lecturers, one lecturer and one international visiting professor.

"Örebro University has several strong environments, with a smart and systematic approach to broadening their group's skills," says Malin Henningsson, Programme Coordinator at the Knowledge Foundation.

The associate senior lecturers will be recruited to three different research environments: Life Science CentreNutrition-Gut-Brain Interactions Research Centre (NGBI) and Inflammatory Response and Infection Susceptibility Centre (iRiSC). The School of Hospitality, Culinary Arts and Meal Science will receive a lecturer and a visiting professor, linked to the University's strategic focus area, Food and health.

• Associate Senior Lecturer in Biology, specialising in molecular developmental biology, Örebro University
• Associate Senior Lecturer in Medicine, Örebro University
• Associate Senior Lecturer in metabolic control of the body's immune system, Örebro University
• Senior Lecturer in Culinary Arts and Meal Science, specialising in hospitality, Örebro University
• International Visiting Professor in Culinary Arts and Meal Science, Robert Harrington, Örebro University