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Hoping for increased collaboration with Yokohama

Students and teaching staff from Yokohama walking in front of a white building that has the sign “Entréhuset”. Students are laughing and enjoying themselves.

Some 20 students and teaching staff from Yokohama City University visiting Örebro University.

Örebro University is hoping for closer collaboration with Yokohama City University in Japan. If the plans come together, it may lead to increased student exchange as well as joint research projects.

The semester has not yet started in Yokohama. Even so, some 20 students from the Japanese university are visiting Örebro this week.

“We are looking into deepening our relationship and creating favourable conditions for an exchange between our universities,” says Magnus Hansson, docent at Örebro University School of Business and one of the hosts for the visit.

A female student smiles as she takes a picture with her mobile phone. In the background, there are other students from the Japanese group.

During their visit, the students took the opportunity to document many of the facilities at Örebro University. As the group were shown around, the study areas in the Novahuset building was one of the things that particularly caught their attention.

During the brief visit, Örebro University is showcased. There are plenty of opportunities for Swedish and Japanese students to connect and a number of lectures have been organised. In addition, arrangements have been made for students from Yokohama to work on a project together with students from Örebro University School of Business.

Moreover, the group will pay a visit to the Japanese-owned company Suzuki Garphyttan, to facilitate onsite comparison of Swedish business culture to that of Japan.

Studying in Yokohama

A cooperation agreement between the two universities is already in place. Students from Örebro have the chance to go on an exchange to Yokohama and Japanese students will be travelling here.

“Going to Japan to study is an amazing opportunity. It is a fascinating and interesting country. I would also like to see even more international students on our programmes here at Örebro University.”

Hoping for joint research

There is an interest in extending the cooperation to other areas as well. Among other things, the two universities are looking at the possibility to conduct joint research projects.

“We are seeking to create conditions that will promote dynamic collaboration between our universities,” says Magnus Hansson.

Text and photo: Jesper Mattsson

Translation: Charlotta Hambre-Knight