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Problems with email sent to Microsoft email accounts

It has come to Örebro University’s attention that there are occasional errors when emails are sent to email accounts owned by Microsoft. The reported error consists of some emails, sent from Örebro University correctly, not being delivered to the recipient’s inbox. 

We would like to inform students whose personal email accounts are linked to Microsoft (hotmail.com, hotmail.se, live.com, live.se, outlook.com and outlook.se) that there is currently a problem communicating with these accounts.

We are currently having a dialogue with Microsoft to try and speed the process up. If you wish to register a different email address at Örebro University, go to https://mittkonto.oru.se/studentmailadmin/.

Information on signing up for exams and registering on courses can be found in Studentforum as usual.

Ann Öhrn

Head of IT Services, Örebro University