Pollutants and society

Our most recent focus area, Pollutants and society, is rooted in the fact that over 350,000 synthetic chemicals are currently in circulation – an ever-increasing number. Over the past 20 years, this incidence has led to a more than 60 per cent increase in deaths caused by chemical pollutants globally.

A striking development that requires countermeasures. Therefore, research within Pollutants and society aims to increase knowledge of these chemicals’ impact on health and the environment and develop methods to control the risks.
Chemistry, toxicology, economics, sociology, media and communication studies, education and medicine scientists will collaborate to take an essential, comprehensive approach – research collaboration with authorities and industry. Legislation and regulations are currently not keeping pace with the industrial use of these chemicals.
The Pollutants and society focus area is unique in taking this comprehensive approach, perceiving society as the driving force behind these pollutants. This insight and starting point are necessary for research to contribute to the transition to a toxic-free society.
A specific initiative is “Örebro Living Lab: a toxic-free Region Örebro”. Here, researchers will collaborate with stakeholders from the region, including the healthcare sector, to develop a toolset that can be used locally to counteract pollutants and their consequences. The goal is to implement practical knowledge and specific measures in other regions of Sweden and beyond our borders.