Bioscience 2023

fr v Maria Eriksson, Business Development Manager och Event Managing Director vid Life Science Sweden samt Karin H Franzén, Cardiovascular Research Centre, Örebro Universitet.

Maria Eriksson, Business Development Manager and Event Managing Director at Life Science Sweden and Karin H Franzén, Cardiovascular Research Centre, Örebro University.

Bioscience Research & Diagnostics is an annual event arranged by Life Science Sweden. The 8th of November 2023, the 11th international partnering event Bioscience 2023 was arranged at Life City in Stockholm. Approximately 250 scientists from academy and industry and investors participated in the event and listened to seminars led by key researchers in the field and visited exhibitions from the labtech industry.

Associate professor Karin H Franzén and Professor Magnus Grenegård at the Cardiovascular Research Centre (CVRC) from Örebro University participated at the meeting. Karin H Franzén had the opportunity to give a seminar with the title “Inflammation – a future target against cardiovascular diseases?” and presented results from ongoing research projects on drug discovery with the focus on IL-1β research.

Karin Franzen presents

- The Bioscience 2023 is an excellent opportunity for us to reach out with our research and gives a possibility to interact with new putative academic and industrial partners, says Karin H Franzén. It is also a good opportunity to recruit future putative post doc candidates. 

Professor Magnus Grenegård, head of CVRC at Örebro University and expert on haemostasis and thrombosis agrees.

- It is always important with novel collaborations, and we do have the excellent possibility to apply for collaborations within the framework of the Knowledge foundation and other research foundations.

Networking in science is necessary and the events facilitate for academic and industrial scientists to meet. Professor Johan Rockberg from KTH Royal Institute of Technology moderated the event which covered topics like cardiovascular disease, multiple sclerosis and biotechnological applications. Maria Eriksson, MSc, is Business Development Manager and Event Managing Director at Life Science Sweden founded the event 11 years ago and is main responsible for the event and has already started planning for Bioscience 2024.

- The aim of the Bioscience event is to show the importance of recent technology advances and how they facilitate quicker and more reliable results in research and diagnostics, which ultimately improve the patient’s need. At Bioscience 2024, we are looking forward to listening to Professor Magnus Grenegård and cardiovascular research and new industrial collaborations at Örebro University. We are proud of that Bioscience is always covered by the media, says Maria Eriksson.

Karin Franzéns and Magnus Grenegårds research projects are funded by the Knowledge foundation call Synergi-21 on inflammation in cardiovascular disease and breast cancer.

Bioscience 2023 Program