Autumn progress meeting with representatives from all partners

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Update WP1 (Gladys Sergon) Establishing a Chlamydia trachomatis challenge model
The Chlamydia vaccine candidate showed promising results which are helpful for selecting animal model and Chlamydia infection dose. The pilot animal experiment to establish a challenge model to test these vaccine candidates is underway.

Update WP2 (Magnus Carlsson) Tolorogen development for production in plants
The constructs to develop tolerogens for production in plants were created. These constructs target different compartments in plants (ER, cholorplast etc.), Transient expression in tobacco was good in ER.

Update WP3 (Nathaniel Ninyio) HIV-1 vaccine development and immunological analysis
Developed five probiotic bacterial strains to express human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) GagM and MPER antigens. Optimized bacterial growth, antigen yield and bacterial lysis conditions. Animal experiments do not show any humoral response (IgG and IgA ELISA) or T cells response (Fluorospot).

Update WP4 (Rita Jaafar) TBE vaccine development using live attenuated viruses
We have a successful strategy to develop LGTV infectious clones. In vivo evaluation (Viremia peak was detected 48h post infection, TBEV specific IgG antibodies were detected in serum of vaccinated mice. Weak IL2 and INF-gamma responses were observed in mice infected with LGTV. TBEV peptides for FluoroSpot assay need optimization (we will design new peptides targeting viral E, NS3 and NS5 proteins). Data from O-link analysis is under process. We are developing Eight mutants of LGTV to attenuate the virus further.

Update WP5 (Naveed Asghar) Replicon virus-like particles (RVPs) systems in vaccine development
Our vaccine Hepatitis C virus (HCV) vaccine based on flavivirus DNA replicons showed promising results in animal model. However, it requires further validation if the immune response to this replicon-based DNA vaccine is due to CMV driven expression of the HCV antigen or due to enhanced expression by flavivirus replication. Naveed is developing RVPs containing HCV antigens for next animal experiment.

LinkedIn and updated home page (Rita Jaafar)
Rita Jaafar has updated the webpage with current members and collaborators.

LinkedIn page is also created by Rita. You are encouraged to:

  • Share your accomplishments
  • Register yourself as employees at DevelopVaccines (LinkedIn page)
  • Invite more people to our LinkedIn page

New course and program in Vaccine development (Magnus Johansson)
We are developing two new courses with focus on Vaccine development:

  • A short course for nurses as the focus group with the aim to get authorization for prescribing vaccines
  • We have an international master program in experimental medicine at MV. The first year of the program comprises general education for all students whereas in second year the students can choose one of the three specialised “profile courses” directed towards inflammation, cardiovascular diseases, or nutrition-gut-brain interactions. We are developing the fourth profile in “vaccine development” the master’s program.

Economy and new grant applications (Magnus Johansson)
70% of the total budget is spent and most of the money will be covering salary costs for the remaining period. It is very important to apply new grant to continue the great research and for additional animal experiments.

Proposals granted/applied
Åke Strid HÖG granted, Naveed Asghar HÖG applied, Nikolai Scherbak HÖG applied, Magnus Johansson ÖKS applied.

Future proposals 2025
KK Profil? New Synergi? EU? Vinnova?

Upcoming meetings
Autumn 2023

Tuesday Dec 12th  (15.15-17.00), EC (Researchers at Örebro)

Spring 2024
Friday February 2nd  (13.15-16.00), Joint meetings with all representatives from all partners
Thursday April 18th  (13.15-15.00), EC (Researchers at Örebro)
Thursday June 13th, Steering committee Work-shop in Örebro with company representatives (Hybrid?)