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BioImpakt - Biological impact of persistent perfluorinated compounds

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Jana Jass

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Perfluorinated substances, known as PFCs, are persistent compounds that are resistant to chemical and biological degradation and are listed in the 2009 Stockholm Convention as persistent pollutants that threaten human and animal health. Due to their properties, PFCs have been used as flame-retardants in fire fighting foams at military installations and airports in Sweden. Recently, high levels of PFCs have been found in both ground- and drinking water and in the blood serum of people living in these areas. Although PFCs are no longer spread, they remain in the environment for long periods at low levels. They are known to bioaccumulate and are reported to have numerous toxicological effects on animals and humans, however, the exact nature of the biological effect of chronic exposure at low-doses remains unclear. This project involves using toxicogenomics to evaluate the biological impact of long exposures to low-doses of PFCs and related compounds on diverse organisms. We aim to use this information to help develop more accurate risk assessment and remediation strategies.

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  • The Knowledge Foundation