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FAMN - The Child, the family, the caring system, the society

Doctoral theses

Anna Philipson, (2022) Health economic aspects of emotional problems and pain symptoms in childhood and adolescence: Long-term outcomes, efficacy and cost-effectiveness of interventions, link to doctoral thesis

Miriam Pettersson, (2021) Routine procedures in the care of the full term newborn, link to doctoral thesis.

Hanna Gabrielsson, (2020) Adults with Spina bifida: voices from everyday life and exploration of living conditions, link to doctoral thesis.

Emma Olsson, (2017) Promoting health in premature infants: with special focus on skin-to-skin contact and development of valid pain assessment, link to doctoral thesis.

Anna Duberg, (2016) Dance Intervention for Adolescent Girls with Internalizing Problems Effects and Experiences, link to doctoral thesis.