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Model and knowledge support for the development of good palliative care in the home.

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Annica Kihlgren

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Many people are in need of palliative care, but resources and knowledge are unequally distributed across the country.More development is needed.Home health care is discussed especially with regard to palliative care, as the number of elderly persons are increasing.In the project we work with participants to create a model and a tool for reflection and learning.The model is created in an iterative process and tested against scientific knowledge.The following implementation of the model for good palliative care takes off in Participatory and Appreciative Action and Reflection, where participants' good experiences are made visible.The method is characterized by collaboration with the researchers to improve practice.This project, starting HT 2019, is expected to last until 2023 and the project is being run in close collaboration with health and care in Kumla Municipality and the Department of Health Sciences at Örebro University.