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Elisabeth Bergdahl

Title: Senior Lecturer School/office: School of Health Sciences


Phone: +46 19 303655

Room: P2347

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Articles in journals

Hemberg, J. & Bergdahl, E. (2019). Cocreation as a Caring Phenomenon: Nurses' Experiences in Palliative Home Care. Holistic Nursing Practice, 33 (5), 273-284.
Solbakken, R. , Bergdahl, E. , Rudolfsson, G. & Bondas, T. (2018). International Nursing: Caring in Nursing Leadership – A Meta-ethnography From the Nurse Leader's Perspective. Nursing Administration Quarterly, 42 (4), E1-E19.
Bergdahl, E. & Berterö, C. M. (2016). Concept analysis and the building blocks of theory: misconceptions regarding theory development. Journal of Advanced Nursing, 72 (10), 2558-2566.
Bergdahl, E. & Berterö, C. M. (2015). The myth of induction in qualitative nursing research. Nursing Philosophy, 16 (2), 110-120.
Bergdahl, E. , Benzein, E. , Ternestedt, B. , Elmberger, E. & Andershed, B. (2013). Co-creating possibilities for patients in palliative care to reach vital goals: a multiple case study of home-care nursing encounters. Nursing Inquiry, 20 (4), 341-351.
Bergdahl, E. , Wikström, B. & Andershed, B. (2007). Esthetic abilities: a way to describe abilities of expert nurses in palliative home care. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 16 (4), 752-760.