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Genetic resources – the Nagoya protocol

Photo of two hands examine a tray with small plants.

If you are considering doing research on how or for what genetic resources from other parts of the world (plants, animals or parts thereof) can be used there are some things you need to consider in advance.

Traditional knowledge is also affected by this, for example how a plant might affect the person eating it. There is an international regulation, the Nagoya Protocol, which Sweden has committed itself to. The aim of the protocol is to ensure that the resource’s origin, country or indigenous people, may benefit from the possible use or profit of the resource. Regardless of international regulations, there might always be specific national regulations that you need to adhere to.

These demands also applies on genetic resources brought to Sweden by a visiting researcher or a post doc. More information on the Nagoya Protocol, the concretization of it through the ABS regulation and what we need to do to adhere to the regulation can be found on the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency’s webpage.

To discuss questions regarding the Nagoya protocol, please contact your faculty’s Research Data Manager.

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