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Cabell's Predatory Reports helps you identify predatory journals

Illustration showing a newspaper and a hand that is holding a magnifying glass

The problem with predatory journals is widespread, and new such journals are continuously being launched. As a researcher, it is therefore important to be vigilant about publishing.

There is no universal definition of the term predatory journal, but a common denominator is that the journal charges a fee for publication, despite the peer review process being completely lacking or inadequate.

Cabell's Predatory Reports is a service that helps you identify fraudulent and deceptive journals. For each journal, the first time it was reviewed is shown, as well as any deviations from good publishing practices that have been identified.

Make an overall assessment

Cabell's should be used as one of several resources in an overall assessment. If a journal is not listed in the service, this alone cannot be taken as a basis for it being a reputable journal. Additional guidance on assessing journals can be found on this page.