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Find journals in a specific subject area in Web of Science

There are several different ways to find journals to publish in. Here you are introduced to different ways to identify suitable journals within your subject area.

Identify journals with impact factor within your subject area

Via the Web of Science database, you have access to Journal Citation Reports, which provides information about suitable journals for publication, and check the journal’s impact factor.

Screenshot from Journal Citation Reports with “select categories” marked in red.

On the first page, select “browse by journal” and then “select categories”. Select a category, scroll down and click “submit”.

This returns a list of journals sorted by impact factor. To find out which are Open Access, check “Open Access” in the left column and click “submit”.


Find a suitable journal using subject search

If you want to identify suitable journals indexed on Web of Science but not necessarily with impact factor, you can search your subject and view the journal search results.

Screenshot from Web of Science with “politics” in the subject search field.

In the search results, scroll down and click on “Source titles” to the left. To view more source titles, click on “more options/values”.

Screenshot from Web of Science with a grey box and the search Source titles listed.

Find the right journal based on your manuscript

The Web of Science database also contains a link to EndNote-online. Log in or create an account. This function is also available through the Master Journal List in Web of Science.

Screenshot from a menu that displays EndNote link in Web of Science.

Next, click on Match and enter the title and abstract to generate a list of suitable journals. Even though the match is based on the manuscript title, abstract and keywords, it is still useful to read the aim and scope of the journal too see how well the manuscript fits.

Screenshot from EndNote with “Match” marked in red.

See also Clarivate’s video on EndNote’s Manuscript Matches below:

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