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Further information on open access

Today, a large number of results from publicly funded research are published behind paywalls. Thus, the research results are available only to readers belonging to institutions that can afford to pay hefty access fees, which limits the dissemination of knowledge and its utilization in society at large.

The Government’s Research and Innovation Bill (Prop. 2020/21:60) states that all publicly funded scholarly publications should be published with immediate open access starting 2021.

The National Library of Sweden acts as a national coordinating body in the work towards a transition to open access to scholarly publications. You can find further information on Sweden's open access initiatives on

Paths to open access

There are various ways to publish and make scientific articles openly available. Concepts used to describe the different ways of open access are "gold", "green" and "hybrid".


The researcher publishes an article in an open access journal, which makes all its materials freely available.


The researcher publishes in a traditional subscription-based journal and then, in parallel, publishes a copy of the manuscript freely available via a digital archive as soon as the publisher allows it. Please refer to parallell publishing in DiVA for further information.


The researcher publishes the article in a traditional subscription-based journal and for a fee, the article is immediately made available in open access.