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Publishing an open access book or chapter

Publishing an open access book is a more complex process than publishing an article. Therefore, the open access requirements for books are not as strict as those for articles. However, there are opportunities to publish open access books or chapters.

Consider the conditions that apply to the publication.

  • Determine whether the research funder has requirements or desires regarding open access publication.
  • Investigate whether it is possible to apply for publication funding from the research funder.
  • Examine the possibilities for obtaining funding from Örebro University (see Örebro University’s agreement and fund below).
  • Compile the requirements and desires that you need to take into account when choosing a publisher. Here are some suggested questions:
    - What time frame applies to the publishing process?
    - What audience do you want to reach with the book?
    - Are you looking for an international or a Swedish publisher?
    - How much do you want to spend on publishing?

DOAB Directory of Open Access Books is an international search service that indexes and provides access to openly available scholarly and peer-reviewed books. The search service can assist you in finding trusted open access publishers. All DOAB services are provided free of charge and all data are freely available. It is possible to search by subject, publisher or language.

The OAPEN Online library and publication platform has a list of publishers that follow the criteria for open access set by the European Research Council.

Kriterium is a Swedish platform for reviewing, publishing and disseminating high-quality academic books. Kriterium facilitates collaboration between publishers and authors who wish to have their books peer reviewed and published with open access. Örebro University is involved and supports Kriterium.

ScholarLed is a consortium of smaller publishers that publish open access books.

“Think, Check, Submit” is a website with information on what to look for when choosing a book publisher.

OA Books Toolkit contains current information on publishing open access books. Here you can find both practical advice, for example on choosing a licence, and more general information, for example on different types of publishers.

The University has agreements with publishers that can pay for or provide a discount on author fees for open access publication. When it comes to books, there is a one agreement:

Authors can also apply for funding from the University for the open access publication of a chapter in a book, but not for an entire book.

Creative Commons licences (CC licences) are an established way of providing open access.

A Creative Commons licence allows you to specify the conditions of using an open access text in a standardised, internationally established way.

It may be possible to archive an open access book or a chapter in DiVA. Frequently the finished, peer-reviewed text may be archived. In some cases, you may even be permitted to publish the publisher-designed version in DiVA. The terms differ between publishers; this list provides links to information for different publishers. Note that open access by self-archiving in DiVA may often only take place after a temporary embargo. Contact This is an email address if you have any questions.

In cases where a publication is openly available on a stable website owned by another organisation, you can link to that website in DiVA.

If the text is published by Örebro University or you otherwise own all rights to a publication, DiVA can be used as a publishing platform. A pdf file is required. The University Library also has the possibility to scan in older publications that were published by Örebro University, provided that these publications are in demand. Contact This is an email address for more information.

Do you want to discuss open access publication of books and chapters? Contact:

Ann Emilsson

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