School of Music, Theatre and Art

Music, culture and media

Central to Music, culture and media is developing knowledge and tools to investigate how people use music, and how music affects people. Within the program we look at important aspects for explaining how music is used by people and what its impact is, amongst other things. We look particularly at the implications of the development of media technologies for music engagement, as well as the importance of music for the production and negotiation of identities, focusing for example on gender and nationality.

Within the program you will become acquainted with research on cultural theory, music aesthetics and music psychology as well as anthropological and historical perspectives on music. You will learn how to ask socially relevant questions, formulate problems and apply scientific methods, but also get an insight into music production and studio work.

Not least, you will get acquainted with different kinds of music and get the opportunity to create new networks in the creative environment offered by the School of Music, Theatre and Art at Örebro University.

For those who see a future in the commercial or public music industry, or in research, this program provides an excellent foundation!