School of Music, Theatre and Art

Performance program

Our performance program is comprised of four different orientations: Music Production and Songwriting; Jazz and Pop; Chamber Music; and Composition.

Music Production and Songwriting orientation

Music Production and Songwriting focuses on where musical creativity and technology meet. You will study production and songwriting side by side and combine them in several music production projects where your artistic expression will be challenged and developed. As part of the program we recognise the individual differences in music expression and style. As such each project is tailored to support your unique development.

During your time studying Music Production and Songwriting, you will study artistic entrepreneurship, where you develop your abilities to identify your artistic strengths as well as where and how to use them as a contribution to society and to earn your living. You will create most of the music yourself, but you will also be assigned to situations of co-writing, producing other people’s compositions, sound and music for motion picture and more. The education finishes with an individual project where you approach an artistic problem in a scientific way.

Teaching is in the form of seminars, labs, workshops, group assignments, supervision and practical work. The program involves close cooperation with other music performance orientations and enables students to develop creativity in collaboration with students from other orientations. The studio consists of several recording studios and editing rooms which all are available round the clock during holidays.

Jazz and Pop orientation

Jazz and Rock is characterized by a creative environment with proximity to other artistic programs, where the main focus is on the development of your main instrumental and ensemble playing. The teachers are among the elite of Sweden’s jazz and rock musicians and they all have a strong educational interest in helping you with your artistic development. The School of Music, Theatre and Art also collaborates with Norrbotten Big Band and Bohuslän Big Band, amongst others, as well as hosting regular clinics with visiting artists and teachers.

The program consists of courses in ensemble and instrument, listening and arrangement, composition, jazz and rock history, entrepreneurship and artistic research preparation. By arranging the schedule into different ensemble blocks this gives you a genre-wide breadth during the first part of the first semesters of the program. The latter part is based more on your own creation. This happens in the form of studio projects, ensemble blocks working with your own compositions and a graduation concert in the third year. In year three, you also get to collaborate with active artists in the jazz and pop / rock field, to jointly work out new versions of their songs.

Chamber music orientation

Chamber music at Örebro emphasises both playing and knowledge about chamber music, but aims to develop and deepen students’ artistic, instrumental and communicative knowledge; all the things a modern musician should possess. The subject of chamber music is continually in focus, taught both in ensembles as well as within instrument-specific groups, but we focus also on traditional ensemble forms such as string quartets, wind quintets and percussion ensembles.  Another important part of the program is new music and meeting with composers. This is emphasized by collaborations with the composition students.

During the program, knowledge about how to “meet” audiences is cultivated through a large number of concerts both within and outside the School of Music, Theatre and Art. Through our collaboration with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra, you will also gain insight into the life of the professional musician through various projects. Our teachers have a vast and broad experience of both teaching and music making, and our fantastic premises are available to the students around the clock, all year round!

Music composition orientation

This orientation is for those of you who want to be part of creating the music of the future, with a strong focus on your artistic and compositorial development. The program is characterized by a creative environment with close collaboration with other artistic performance orientations within the institution. Being genuinely broad in focus means that this program gives you great opportunities to create music suited to your own style. The focus here is on the development of your music creation in projects and workshops with ensembles working with very different repertoires. Thanks to a unique collaboration with the Swedish Chamber Orchestra as well as with professional chamber ensembles and professional big bands, you can get the opportunity to hear your compositions performed by top, world-class ensembles.