School of Music, Theatre and Art

Teacher program

We currently offer two different orientations within the teacher program: Music and Theatre.

Teacher program – Music orientation

Within the music teacher orientation, you will train as a music teacher and major in an instrument, song or choir or alternatively you can combine your music teacher education with subject studies in English or mathematics. As a music teacher at Örebro, you not only need to be able to play and sing yourself, you also need to be interested in working with the development and learning of children and young people. Therefore, the program combines practical studies of, for example, chord-based instruments, ensemble conducting, music theory, voice training and digital tools with academically grounded research, reflection and practical, activity-based education. The program gives you the right to work in both upper secondary and elementary school in Sweden as well as teaching in various extra-curricular music education.

Teacher program – Theatre orientation

The theatre program, intersperses specific knowledge about theatre with pedagogical courses and practical training. Within the program, you get to develop knowledge in different areas of theatre, for example acting, directing and the stage design. This is done, amongst other things, through practical exercises and assignments in groups. Teaching is often organized around specific scene-based projects where you meet audiences both inside and outside the university across a wide variety of other activities. You will be trained in the art of communication through stagecraft and by running different stage-based projects.