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Trade & Investment in Services Associates (TIISA), 2021 conference: Trade and the digital transformation of services

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8-12 November 2021

Date and time

8-9 November 2021 PhD Workshop

10-12 November 2021 Conference

Additional activities: reception, Örebro (10th); policy round table dinner + webinar, Stockholm (11-12th).


Hybrid Online Conference (Zoom links can be found on the schedule page)


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Deadline for registration is the 8th of November. Please note that registration is now only for on-line participation!

The Jean Monnet TIISA NETWORK invites submissions for the 2021 Conference. In line with the Network’s interdisciplinary character, this includes papers in the fields of law, political science, business & economics.

Sponsored by Erasmus+, Hosted by AI-Econ Lab, Örebro University, Sweden; partner Ratio and Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum.

The project brings together leading academics and key institutions in domestic regulation and global governance of international services trade and investment flows to form a transnational consortia of academics across Europe, Australia and Asia. Together, these partners have the cumulative expertise, international perspectives and geographic reach to significantly advance research and teaching on EU trade policy and promote wider understanding of the process of globalisation and the role of the services sectors in our economies at a global level. The project takes a deliberately cross-disciplinary approach.    

Örebro collaborating in international project on global trade

For downloading of papers – please contact conf-ai-econlab@oru.se to receive the link.


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The Ratio Institute is an independent and multidisciplinary research institute in Stockholm, Sweden, with a research focus on conditions for enterprise.

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Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum is a network organization for initiating, conducting and communicating policy relevant research in the field of entrepreneurship, innovation, business dynamics and growth. 

Contact information

Magnus Lodefalk (initiator)

Associate Professor, Economics,  Örebro University; Ratio Institute, Stockholm; Global Labor Organization, Germany.

Email: magnus.lodefalk@oru.se

Hildegunn Kyvik-Nordås, (co-initiator)

Professor, Economics, Örebro University, Sweden; Council on Economic Policies, Switzerland.

Email: Hildegunn.Kyvik-Nordas@oru.se



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