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The TILL project (Teacher Inspiring Lifelong Learning)

The aim of this project is to train teachers so that they have the skills to prepare children and young people for the challenges of the future.

Skills that will be increasingly needed in the future are the ability to cooperate, creativity, reflection on one’s own learning, etc. These are skills that are not linked to a specific school subject, thus, these types of skills are sometimes called soft skills, transversal skills or 21th century skills. 

The project goals are:

  • to perform a survey of European teaching degrees and how teacher education programmes in the different countries consider so-called 21st century skills, i.e. skills that are needed in a future society. (see blue box for link to report)
  • to develop a framework for 21th century skills.
  • to develop an online platform for teachers to promote their skills in working with 21th century skills in lifelong learning, enabling teachers to build up a portfolio.
    The project is a collaboration between the United Kingdom, Italy, France and the Netherlands and is led by Professor Anne Bamford. The TILL project’s Swedish contact person is Ann Öhman Sandberg. 


Ann Öhman

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Ann Öhman