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Practice-based research

The aim of this project is to contribute to a strong scientific foundation in the teacher education programme, where practical research will have a clear role. A large share of the subproject’s work takes place within the framework of the government’s investment in systematic testing of practical research activities, called the ULF agreement (ULF translated to teacher development, learning and research).


This national pilot project aims to will develop and test sustainable collaboration models between academia and the school or school system regarding research, school activities and teacher education regarding practice-based research, so that this research will to a greater extent respond to the needs of the school system.

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A lot of research pursued into pre-schools and schools has not necessarily had application within professional teaching practice as its primary purpose. Practice-based research is therefore needed in order to develop both the education offered within pre-schools and the pre-school teacher profession. A government report from the School Commission, for example, states that it is “considered important to explore different ways of involving teachers in research, and for research outcomes to filter down to working professionals” (SOU 2016:38 p.148).

The approach used in practice-based research is described in the government pilot project ULF as a symmetric and complementary approach in the sense that collaboration is based equally on the needs, competencies and commitment of the parties involved and that these complement each other. This means that researchers and representatives of pre-schools in a joint effort devise research questions and empirical data, that they together focus on the analysis and finally compile the material. Having teaching professionals working alongside research is an approach that not only generates new models to be tested, but hopefully also leads to developments in pre-school operations.


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