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Research-based learning

The aim of the project research-based learning was to strengthen the scientific foundation for teacher education.

Research-based learning is centred on teacher students using research methods and theories in their own professional development. That they are provided tools to systematically observe, experiment with, analyse and problematise learning processes, both their own and that of the pupils’, who the students meet on their placements. The working group includes teacher educators from different subjects and schools.

The project is working to develop a model for research-based learning, primarily for teacher students, but the hope is that a good model for this can also be used in several of the university’s professional  degree programmes. The work is carried out in the form of internal seminars with teachers from all subjects in question. We also want to develop a previously initiated collaboration on research-based learning that Örebro University has with Humboldt University of Berlin. The goal is to develop course elements that benefit students’ opportunities for research-based learning throughout the programme, including its placement-based learning modules. Another goal is to create a clear progression around scientific approach and proven experience so that students in the end not only write a good independent project, but also grasp what opportunities a research-based approach has in practice for teaching and learning in school.


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Malin Hagström

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