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Teacher student 2.0

This project aims at gathering all student-driven activities which are carried out by, with and for teacher students. Each activity has a teacher student coordinator, and the project is coordinated by a project manager.

Teacher student information

The activity aims at creating communication channels with information of interest to teacher students, and increase a sense of belonging on the programme and with future fellow teachers in teacher education and the profession. Örebro teacher students’ accounts on Facebook and Instagram will be used, as will local information monitors located in facilities used by teacher students.

The activity coordinators are Klara Warenmark and Thyra Kylesten, both teacher students on the subject teacher programme, 4th semester.

Alumni week 2020

Students who have graduated from one of the teacher programs at Örebro University from 2018 onwards have been invited to the teacher education alumni week during the November 2020. The whole week is digital and the subjects are desired by students.

Each day has its own theme and different professionals are interviewed about experiences and thoughts. Tips on in-depth material are also given and the alumni are encouraged to reflect and discuss with colleagues, for example.

Silver lining for teacher students

During the academic year 2019/2020, eight student-run workshops were conducted on themes desired by students under the After School concept. Based on experience and corona mode, the concept has been upgraded.

Within this mainly digital concept, students are offered a thematic presentation, a silver lining to their teacher studies and get to take part in professionals' experiences, challenges and tips. There are also further suggestions for in-depth study of the theme via lectures, podcasts, book and article tips.


Anna Johnsson

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Anna Johnsson