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Philosophy of Science, 7.5 credits

Course information

Research Education Subject

  • Language Studies
  • Joint faculty courses

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus



Course Period

February 2017 - April 2017


  • Ingela Abramsson, Utbildnings- och forskningsadministratör
    +46 19 303352 This is an email address
  • Greger Andersson, Professor
    +46 19 301494 This is an email address
  • Teacher, docent, George Masterton
    This is an email address

Course description

The course deals with general topics with regard to science and scholarship and their function. The so-called demarcation problem is given special attention with questions like the following ones: What distinguishes scientific reasoning from prescientific or unscientific ways of thinking? Are there vital differences in character between research in the liberal arts and social science on the one hand and natural science on the other? If there are, do these differences affect how we conceive of what goes into notions such as scientific reasoning and scientific or scholarly attitude?

Admission requirements

To gain access to the course and complete the examinations included in the course, the applicant must be admitted to a doctoral programme at Örebro University.

Other applicants than doctoral students admitted at Örebro University may be given access to the course on the grounds of provisions for and/or agreements regarding contracted courses, joint degrees, national graduate schools or cooperation in other respects with other universities.


The course will be given Spring 2017.
Study rate: Part-time
Number of participants: 20
Language of instruction: English
Last day to apply: Was December 15, 2016.