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Distributed Decision Making in Multiagent Systems, 3.5 credits

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  • Computer Science

Course Syllabus

Course Syllabus


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The course discusses new and established research for coordination and distributed decision making in multiagent systems. Based on formal grounding in game theory and mechanism design, different interaction situations that autonomous agents have to solve are discussed for both, cooperative and antagonistic settings: task allocation and coordination in cooperative systems; social choice (voting), auctions and markets, negotiation and coalition formation for egoistic agents.

Course information

The course will run during the period
2021-10-08 - 2022-01-15

For passing the course, the student needs to actively participate in 3 mandatory meetings and finish a number of mostly conceptual assignments based on a set of videos introducing a number of topics. The PhD course runs in parallel to a corresponding SMART(er) course. In the SMART(er) course we will be a pilot using a new hybrid teaching room for the three seminars. It might be possible to not be physically present.

Oct 8 at 9:00-12:00: Kickoff Meeting with Introduction to Multiagent Systems

Nov 26 at 9:00-12:00: Paper Seminar: Students have to present a discussion of a selected scientific paper. Depending on the number of participants in the SMART(er) course, there might be a different time for the PhD course.

Jan 10 at 9:00-12:00: Concept Seminar: Students select a problem that they want to solve and present a solution / concept of a solution using Multiagent Technology

How to sign up for the course

Send an e-mail to This is an email address no later than October 7, 2021.