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Distribuerat beslutsfattande i multiagentsystem, 3,5 hp



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Course content

The course discusses new and established research in multiagent systems. Based on formal grounding in game theory and mechanism design, different interaction situations that autonomous agents have to solve are discussed for both, cooperative and antagonistic settings: task allocation and coordination in cooperative systems; social choice (voting), auctions and markets, negotiation and coalition formation for egoistic agents.

Course information

The course run in parallel with the SMARTer course on DAI/MAS.

There are three obligatory seminars: Kick Off seminar, Paper Seminar, Final Seminar. 

While the first seminar is a kickoff meeting, the second contains presentations based  on literature, and the third a presentation of the students concept. In addition, there are a number of assignments to be done. 

How to sign up for the course

For questions, contact research administration